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  Shenzhen Ersen Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, after-sales and technical consultation to ensure the health and safety of personnel. The company has the CE certification and CPA measuring instrument license of the European Union. Elsen is the strategic partner of Japanese ion systems Company in China!

Professional development and production of environmental air quality monitoring instruments and systems

New ambient air quality standard and forestry in China, on the basis of the secondary survey eielson company launched in Japan ion system is applied in environmental protection, forestry, environmental monitoring, weather, tourism and other industry professional environmental air negative oxygen ion monitor AES - 60 and AES - 80, the design of principle of product design using dual concentric cylinder adopts "JISB" gas ion density standard at the same time, meet the current standards. And portable solid anion detector AES-10 Pro and AES-20.!

Aielson's technical strength

Shenzhen Elson environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD. Is a general taxpayer enterprise established in accordance with the People's Republic of China, certification type enterprises! Company currently used to a team of 12 people's cloud computing platform development team, as well as the technical after-sales team of 5 people, have professional knowledge of the marketing personnel 8 people, at the same time with Japan ion systems, environmental sensors technology companies in the United States, China metrology institute and other technical force, able to timely and quickly to provide customers with high quality, efficient service.