Three factors to consider when choosing anion detector

2020-12-29 15:04:32

Choose anion detector to consider the following questions:
1, use
Now on air negative ions monitor type is various, the use of places is also a lot of different, before the choose and buy is thus needed to establish where he was going to use this device to and surrounding environment, and under the premise can choose suitable air negative ions monitor for other considerations eventually choose to admire in the heart monitor.
2. Service quality
People of choose and buy is unlikely to have sufficient knowledge of air negative ions monitor, when malfunction happened, it also would not necessarily maintenance, so when the choose and buy also need to choose good air negative ions monitor service quality, thus can get sellers after-sales quality assurance, and when the problems can also be used by the professional personnel for repair again.
3, whether the business is regular
Is when the choose and buy of selected businesses through a formal certification by legally operating sales of air negative ions also need to pay attention to the monitor, which need to know beforehand investigation will buy equipment merchants are certified by the formal sector to engage in the business activities, and then determine whether to choose and buy in case the quality monitor the general air negative ions.
Choose a normal suitable for their own anion detector can ensure the accuracy of the data, the above selection of a few items can be used as a reference.