Types and hazards of indoor air pollutants

2020-12-29 14:57:12

Indoor air pollutants mainly come from decoration. Decoration materials, boards, paint, wall paint, glue, new furniture, adhesives and other widely used decoration materials are easy to produce pollutants harmful to human health.
Formaldehyde is the main decoration pollution after the bridal chamber decoration, it is a kind of gas with pungent smell, the release period is as long as 3-15 years.
Formaldehyde is irritating to human eyes and upper respiratory tract mucosa, and its harm to human health is mainly manifested as abnormal smell, allergy, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function, abnormal immune function, etc. In direct contact with the skin, formaldehyde can also cause dermatitis, color spots, necrosis, etc.
Symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning: Chronic formaldehyde poisoning can lead to digestive disturbances, excitement, visual impairment, and even nerve paralysis. Acute poisoning can cause tears, eye pain, throat itching, coughing, dyspnea and suffocation, accompanied by systemic weakness, excessive sweating and headache.
Harm of low concentration formaldehyde: often inhaling a small amount of formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning, including mucosal congestion, skin irritation, allergic dermatitis, nail keratinization and fragility, and nail bed fingertip pain; Prolonged inhalation in pregnant women may cause birth defects or even death; Men long-term inhalation can lead to male sperm deformity, death, sexual decline, severe can lead to leukemia, pneumothorax, reproductive capacity loss; Systemic symptoms include headache, fatigue, poor stomach appetite, palpitations, insomnia, weight loss, and neurotic disorders.
Harm of high concentration formaldehyde: after inhaling high concentration formaldehyde, there will be severe irritation and edema of respiratory tract, sore eyes and headache, and bronchial asthma can also occur.
Different concentrations of formaldehyde have different hazards, and the air quality detector is a good tool for detecting air pollutants.