Anion sheet detector anion

2020-12-29 14:56:41

Plate by nanometer catalyst technology treatment, can release the anion beneficial to the human body, anion free radical can kill all kinds of respiratory tract infection germs, prevent infection. The anions in anion plates have the following functions:
1. Make the dust in the air accumulate, collect the suspended particles powerfully, prevent the inhalation into the human body, and intercept the transmission medium of the bacteria.
2. Remove all kinds of life odor, odor, improve the living environment.
3. Quickly eliminate oil smoke and dust in the air and eliminate second-hand smoke.
4. Remove all kinds of toxic chemical volatile gas in the air, eliminate the "invisible killer".
5. Improve work efficiency, eliminate fatigue, enhance body immunity, and improve cardiopulmonary function.
6. Make the epithelial cells negatively charged, so that germs lose the ability to attack the cells, keep the skin smooth.
7 life is generally positive static electricity, will bring hidden dangers to human physical and mental health, negative ions effectively neutralize this static electricity.
Supplement living space anion and reactive oxygen: refresh brain, eliminate fatigue, focus attention, improve work efficiency, prevent air conditioning disease, improve human living environment, make human return to nature. Anion has bacteriostatic, bactericidal function, can continuously induce air anion, release far infrared ray, to achieve sterilization, bacteriostatic and improve air cleanliness