Indoor environment monitor

U-mini series is an Internet multi-parameter environmental monitoring system suitable for indoor environment.
This product can (optional) support monitoring items include: PM2.5, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, VOC, temperature and humidity, air pressure, oxygen, etc. Widely used in office buildings, classrooms, museums, libraries, sports venues and other indoor environments.
Aes-90d series products are modular in design, all monitoring items (instruments) can be assembled as required.
New features:
1. Support more than 9 items of data monitoring;
2. Support monitoring of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen fluoride (one more item);
3. Support the function of watchdog with 7×24 hours guarantee to prevent accidents;
4. Support 12V centralized power supply, low limit voltage address 9.6V;
5. HJT212 and Modbus output are supported (optional).
Product features:
1. Reliable technology. The microprocessing technology adopted has fast response speed, high measuring precision and good stability.
2. Display of monitoring data. The product can be equipped with various external multimedia display screens to realize real-time display and release of monitoring data.