Environmental monitoring system

An air environment comprehensive index monitor, the environmental monitoring system is used to detect PM2.5, PM10, carbon dioxide (CO2), (CO), formaldehyde (CH2O), temperature, humidity, TVOC, O2 and other parameters in the air environment. The environmental monitoring system has a very powerful function, which basically covers all indicators reflecting air quality. The environmental monitoring system uses the original imported sensors and computing chips, with high precision, high resolution and good stability. Widely used in building HVAC, building energy saving, smart home, school, airport station and other places.
Indoor air quality detector equipment purpose
The multi-parameter environmental on-line detector is suitable for the air environment monitoring equipment embedded matching and system integration. Such as smart office building environment monitoring, smart home environment monitoring, school environment monitoring, hotel environment monitoring, new risk control system, air purification efficiency detector, vehicle-mounted air environment monitoring instrument and other places.