Online multimedia environment

Aes-90d Indoor Environment Monitoring Terminal A small multi-functional Internet environment monitoring terminal suitable for indoor environment.
The integrated sensor technology is adopted to automatically complete the collection and calculation analysis of ambient air composition. Indoor air quality factors that can be monitored include: PM2.5, temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia gas, formaldehyde and VOC.
Although the volume of the product is small, the performance is stable and reliable; Wall mounted installation, flexible and convenient.
Data transmission modes include: RJ45 wired LAN, WIFI wireless LAN, RS485 bus network. Optional touch screen: 7-inch multimedia all-in-one machine. Equipped with system management software, mobile phone APP and.
Product features:
1. Reliable technology. The microprocessing technology adopted has fast response speed, high measuring precision and good stability.
2. Display of monitoring data. The product can be equipped with various external multimedia display screens to realize real-time display and release of monitoring data.
3. Supporting various analysis and management tools. This product provides a supporting management system and APP, which is convenient for users to view, query and manage all online monitoring devices and data.
4. Strong scalability. Various monitoring sensor components can be added or removed according to user requirements.
5. Data transmission; Support WIFI, RJ45 network, RS485 bus and other data transmission modes.
6. Small volume, light weight, small power consumption, small space, easy installation.