Air quality monitoring system

Scenic area, tourist attractions, negative oxygen ion is an online monitoring system for forestry, scenic spots, parks, environmental protection, meteorology, agriculture and other areas of environmental meteorological real-time monitoring with the release of the monitoring system, mainly for the scenic spot, humidity, air quality in the park environment centralized monitoring and management, is a set of 24-hour unmanned value and the automatic monitoring system for real-time monitoring records. The system can monitor and record the air quality in a large area, transmit the data to PC in real time, use the system monitoring software to store and analyze the data, and output the printed historical data and graph. It can also provide on-site sound and light alarm, telephone alarm, SMS alarm, network client alarm, etc.
The negative oxygen ion monitoring system can simultaneously monitor a variety of environmental factors, and can expand or decrease according to user demand, and transmit the data of the monitored environment 24 hours a day and all the time. Unique modular structure design, various sensors can be interchangeable, standard with professional installation bracket, the instrument and equipment can be installed on the wall, or on the column, late operation and maintenance is very convenient.
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